Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pictures from the Microbiology Lab #1

1. Ascidia metamorphosis, 5x
 Earlier this week, I messed around with the microbiology lab microscope. Mostly, I just tried playing around with lighting and colored filters. It was particularly difficult to focus the lens on anything that wasn't planar, such as the starfish in early development. My favorite images actually came from larger organisms. I liked focusing on a single part of the organism to see the intricate parts, even if I didn't know what those parts were.

I am considering posting these on Facebook so that my friends can see what I'm up to when I shut myself in the science building for hours on end. Enjoy!
2. Blenny teleostfish fin, 5x, red filter

3. Blenny teleostfish body, 5x, yellow filter

4. Chick embryo at 33hr, 10x

5. Early starfish development, 10x
6. Early starfish development, 10x, yellow filter

7. Early starfish development, 10x

8. Tunicate, 5x, yellow filter

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